Search and characterization of young substellar objects (proto-brown dwarfs and proto-planets) in star forming regions

Application deadline:

1.    Astrophysical data processing and analysis in star-forming regions: use of instrumentation in the (sub)millimeter, infrared and optical range. The candidate must have at least 3 years experience with astrophysical data reduction.
2.    Astro-chemical analysis of sub-stellar objects and protoplanetary disks.
3.    Development of specific data analysis programmes.
4.    Scientific exploitation of data obtained with different instrumentation (e.g. ALMA, IRAM, VLT, GTC)
5.    Characterization of stellar, sub-stellar and exoplanetary properties by photometric and/or spectroscopic and/or astrometric techniques.
6.    Preparation of research proposals in national and international astrophysical observatories.
7.    Preparation of scientific and technical documentation, writing of scientific manuscripts, attendance to congresses and working meetings (national and international), outreach activities, within the scope of the job profile