Scientific management - María de Maeztu Manager - Offer: 2020DILEUA93.1

Application deadline:

The Institute of Environmental Science and Technology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB) is seeking a Scientific Manager to work full-time on the ‘María de Maeztu’ (MdM) Unit of Excellence Programme (2019 María de Maeztu Excellence Units, CEX2019-000940-M, from the Spanish Research Agency). The Scientific Manager will steer the implementation of the Programme in liaison with the Institute’s Scientific Director (Professor Esteve Corbera), the Programme’s Steering Committee, and the Institute’s research community. The MdM Programme at ICTA-UAB aims, foremostly, to develop frontier research for a sustainable Earth: we will explore how to balance effective solutions to anthropogenic environmental change while prioritizing human wellbeing and prosperity and responding to connected sustainability challenges. The research is structured around 5 themes with specific research questions and envisioned outputs: Oceans; Land-Use; Cities; Production and Consumption; and Policy. The Programme also seeks to improve ICTA-UAB’s postgraduate training and strengthen the Institute’s research impact and governance procedures.

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